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Unwanted skin issues, like wrinkles, scars, or pigment changes, can now be easily treated with PicoSure®. At Womens Clinic LA, located in El Segundo, California, the team of professionals provides this treatment and a variety of other women’s wellness services, from gynecology or skincare. To learn more about the benefits PicoSure can provide, or to schedule a consultation appointment, contact Womens Clinic LA today.

PicoSure Q & A

What is PicoSure?

PicoSure® is a skin revitalization treatment that helps with a variety of cosmetic skin conditions. The laser treatment focuses on specific areas of skin and rejuvenates skin cells to produce healthier, younger-looking skin. The laser can lighten skin pigment and stimulate new collagen and elastin production, which both improve skin appearance.

Can PicoSure remove tattoos?

PicoSure is also a tattoo removal solution. However, instead of using intense heat that many other tattoo removal treatments implement, PicoSure works by delivering energy rapidly to the targeted areas, which then breaks up the ink particles without burning the skin or affecting the surrounding skin.

Has PicoSure been evaluated by the FDA?

PicoSure has been evaluated and cleared by the FDA as a tattoo removal solution, a wrinkle and acne treatment, and a benign pigmented lesion removal solution. All skin types and all tattoo ink colors can be treated with PicoSure.

How long does the procedure last?

While the procedure time will depend on the area of skin area to be treated, and the type of treatment being administered, the typical time for the procedure is around 10 minutes. For tattoo removal, patients may need 4 to 10 treatments, and skin rejuvenation patients may need 2 to 5 treatments.

As far as recovery time, there’s very little downtime for patients after the procedure. The intervals between treatments for tattoo removals can be between 6 to 8 weeks, and between 2 to 6 weeks for pigmented lesions. Other treatments for wrinkles or acne can be performed every month or so.

These ranges can vary based on skin and treatment type, so it’s always important to talk through options with a medical professional.

Are there any risks to be aware of?

While there aren’t many risks involved in this non-invasive procedure, if a patient already has a heavy tan, it could interfere. This is because the treatment targets melanin in the skin that then removes pigment, and the skin tans because of extra melanin.

The skin may also need more protection from sunlight after treatments, since it will be a bit more sensitive. Patients should be sure to cover skin or to use sunscreen with high SPF if going out into the sun.

The experienced team at Womens Clinic LA is happy to discuss all options and risks of the PicoSure treatment. Call for your appointment today.