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You make first impressions every day. Why not face the world with beautiful skin? At Women's Clinic LA in El Segundo, California, Raisa Howard, NP, can help restore your skin using hydrafacials. Never worry about first time meetings again, with this skin treatment you’re guaranteed to light up any room you walk into. Make an appointment over the phone today.

Hydrafacials Q & A

What is a hydrafacial?

While many people make every effort to brighten and whiten their smiles or maintain the latest hairstyles, they often ignore their skin. With hydrafacial, you’re able to reverse the effects of aging and sun exposure and restore your skin to the healthy, glowing complexion you once had. Hydrafacial is a treatment that removes dead skin cells, extracts impurities and provides the skin with cleansing, moisturizing serums in return.

How does hydrafacial work?

The hydrafacial treatment is offered in a few steps creating an experience in addition to providing results.

To start, the skin is cleansed using an applicator that exfoliates and washes away dead skin cells while opening the pores.

Next, the skin is prepped using salicylic acid to prevent future outbreaks of acne or other pore concentrated issues.

Afterward, a gentle vacuum extracts any remaining impurities before a hydrating serum is applied. The serum provides rejuvenation and promotes restoration for that healthy glow you’re looking for.

How long does the treatment take and how many treatments are recommended?

Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes with patients seeing results after one session. Your skin appears smoother and healthier immediately following the treatment. Women's Clinic LA recommends recurring treatments, one session each month, to maintain your results and to continue improving the appearance of your skin.

Who is the ideal candidate for hydrafacial treatments?

With hydrafacial treatments, everyone is an ideal candidate. Each session can be customized for your particular needs from different serums to varying steps in the application process; hydrafacial can treat all skin types. Since hydrafacial uses an array of serums and moisturizers in addition to involving several steps during the application process, each treatment can be customized to cater to each patient’s individual skin conditions and needs.

The most popular skincare needs improved with hydrafacial treatments are:

  • Even Tone
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Elasticity
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Skin Texture

Reach out to the team at Women's Clinic LA and schedule a consultation to discuss the best options for helping you restore your skin to achieve that healthy glow you’re looking for.