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Vaginal Infections


The most common vaginal infection is a Candidiasis or a yeast infection. It usually presents with thick white clumpy discharge and burning and itching in the vagina. It can be treated with an over the counter cream like Gynelotrimin or Monistat or one prescription pill called Diflucan.

It is normal to have an odorless vaginal discharge as a normal function of the vagina and its secretions. The color of vaginal discharge may vary from clear to creamy white. If the color of discharge is changing to yellow or green and becomes clumpy or excessive or has an unpleasant odor, it usually indicates that the vaginal infection may be present.

The second most common vaginal infection is Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) or Gardnerella. It is usually caused by bacteria E-Colli that could be transmitted by contact or during personal cleansing. Candidiasis and Bacterial Vaginosis are not considered a Sexually Transmitted Diseases, but it is recommended to use condoms until the infection is cleared up.

Another common vaginal infection is Trichomoniasis. It is presented with frothy green or yellow discharge with unpleasant odor and sometimes pain with urination or during intercourse. This infection can be transmitted sexually, so both partners should be treated.

It is important to get checked as soon as the symptoms of a Vaginal Infection present themselves.

It is important to test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea if any unusual vaginal discharge is present or routinely with a new sexual partner.


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