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If you need an annual exam, prenatal care, advanced testing or support during menopause, it’s vital to find gynecologic services you can trust. Nurse practitioner Raisa Howard of Womens Clinic LA offers outstanding healthcare to women at the office location in El Segundo, California. The practice is open six days a week for your convenience, so call now for an appointment or book online.

Gynecology Q & A

What is gynecology?

Gynecology is the branch of medical expertise that focuses on female reproduction. The organs that gynecologists specialize in are your vagina, breasts, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and vulva.

Gynecology focuses on optimal health and wellness for women and the prevention and treatment of disease. Regular gynecologic care is vital to a woman’s overall health and wellness.

What kind of gynecology services are offered?

Womens Clinic LA provides superior care for the particular health needs of women. Our nurse practitioners excel at what they do and offer a full range of gynecologic services, including:

  • Pap smears
  • Wellness education and prevention
  • Cervical screening
  • Advanced testing after an abnormal Pap smear
  • Assessment and treatment of urinary tract infections
  • Cryosurgery
  • STD screening
  • Contraception counseling
  • HPV vaccinations and treatment
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Vaginal infection treatment
  • BRCA gene testing
  • Premenstrual syndrome

Why is a Pap smear so important?

When you think of a gynecologist, chances are you imagine the table, the speculum, and the Pap smear. Pap smears are synonymous with gynecology because they are the foundation of optimal gynecologic health.

Regular Pap tests are the best way to monitor and ensure the health of your reproductive organs. When abnormal cells are discovered, the developing problem or disease is treated and thwarted.

A Pap test has the power to save your life. Without an exam, abnormalities are left to grow and multiply, but testing can catch irregularities before they turn into cancer.

If I have HPV, will it turn into cancer?

With the advent of the Gardasil vaccine, there’s been a lot of talk and awareness about HPV, or Human papillomavirus. HPV is very common and almost always clears on its own.

There are many viruses under the umbrella of HPV. Only a few of them are considered high-risk HPV.

Though HPV is considered a culprit when cervical cancer occurs, regular screenings are proven to prevent cancer. Your providers at Womens Clinic LA monitor all aspects of your reproductive health and regularly screen for HPV.

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