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Mirena® is a system that works to avert pregnancy, which when placed in your uterus, releases hormones effectively for a period of up to five years. The flexible device shaped like a T, made of plastic, contains levonorgest; a progestin hormone. Levonorgestrel is a hormone commonly used in pregnancy preventing pills; but unlike all the other birth control methods, the Mirena® system does not include any estrogen. In small doses, the hormone is released into your bloodstream through the uterus. When Mirena® is in the uterus you can only feel the T-shaped threads, which are connected to the main stem of Mirena®.

What if I change my mind about birth control and want to become pregnant in less than 5 years?

Mirena® can be removed by us at any time. Pregnancy may occur shortly after it is removed. Upon removal of Mirena®, statistics show that eight out of ten women who are trying to get pregnant will do so in that consecutive year.

How does Mirena® work?

There are a few ways Mirena® might work for you: It may cause thickening of one's cervical mucus as well as causing thinning of the lining of one's uterus. Mirena® may also restrain sperm progress as well as decrease sperm endurance. Although Mirena® does not work like this in the majority of cases, it can discontinue the ovary's release of eggs. It is probable that all these methods work simultaneously to avert pregnancy.

How is Mirena® placed?

Foremost, the precise positioning of one's uterus is determined when an examination of your pelvis is performed by us. A healthcare provider will use an antiseptic solution to sanitize your cervix and vagina. We then place a slender tube inside your uterus which contains the Mirena®; the tube is then removed, leaving just the Mirena®, The threads are cut to a proper length to fit your uterus. The process of placing Mirena® is completed in a single office visit and in just a few minutes. Some pain may be experienced during the placement of Mirena® with possible symptoms of bleeding and dizziness. If symptoms continue after thirty minutes of resting in a comfortable position, Mirena® may have been placed incorrectly, and another examination will take place to decide whether the removal of Mirena® is necessary.

Should I check that Mirena® is in the proper position?

Yes, after your monthly period check the position of Mirena® by feeling the T-shaped removal threads. However, do not forget to wash your hands prior to checking using both soap and water. With your sanitized fingers, feel around for the threads at the peak of your vagina. The T-Shaped threads are the only component of Mirena® while inside the uterus that you should be able to feel. If during your monthly positioning check of Mirena®, you feel any other part of the system aside from the threads, then Mirena® is positioned wrong and may not avert pregnancy. If the threads are not felt at all, or the positioning of Mirena® is wrong, contact us for the removal of Mirena®. If any of these occur, use methods of birth control that are non-hormonal (condoms/spermicide) while waiting for further instruction by one of our healthcare specialists.

How will Mirena® change my periods?

Irregularity may occur in the initial three to six months. You might experience recurrent spotting or experience light bleeding. Some women experience heavy bleeding while their bodies adjust but the bleeding does decrease and might even stop your periods altogether.

Will Mirena® interfere with sexual intercourse?

Although there are cases of men feeling the T-shaped Mirena® threads, typically both you and your partner should not feel Mirena® inside your vagina for the duration of intercourse due to its placement in the uterus.

What if I need birth control for more than 5 years?

Following the five year period, Mirena® must be removed from the uterus. However, a new Mirena® system can be inserted by us at the same visit, if the continuation of Mirena® is chosen.

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