NuvaRing® is a flexible, comfortable ring about two inches in diameter. You place the NuvaRing® inside your vagina just once a month, the positioning of the ring is not important for the birth control to work. Upon the insertion of the ring, it releases a non-stop low amount of hormones to avert pregnancy.

NuvaRing Flex

How Does NuvaRing® Work? Estrogen and progestin stop the ovaries from releasing mature eggs. Once inside the vagina, the walls absorb the non-stop low quantity of hormones releasing estrogen and progestin through the bloodstream.

NuvaRing Removal

NuvaRing® can be inserted and removed with ease. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and remove the NuvaRing® from its packaging. Grip the NuvaRing® with your thumb and index finger and squeeze them together. Carefully insert the NuvaRing® into your vagina. If at first you feel some discomfort, insert the NuvaRing® further until you are comfortable. The NuvaRing® will remain effective in any inserted position and will stay in place for the entire 3 week period.

You remove the ring after three weeks and should receive your period in the duration of this time. If NuvaRing® is used as prescribed, you will be protected against pregnancy during the week off period. You place a new NuvaRing® precisely one week to the day the previous one was taken out.

Majority of women cannot feel the NuvaRing® upon insertion. A number of sexual partners might feel the NuvaRing® at some point of intercourse, but clinical studies showed that 90% of partners did not care.