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Depo Provera contraceptive injection is a progesterone only hormone injection that lasts 3 moths to prevent ovulation and pregnancy.It is important to receive this injection every 3 month for a continuous birth control.It is about 99% effective and protects after 24 hours from initial injection.

Pap Smear is usually required prior to administration of Depo Provera contraceptive injection.Women with undiagnosed or irregular vaginal bleeding or who may be pregnant should not receive Depo Provera injection.

Health risk ocontinuousus use of Depo Provera may include bone loss which appears to be reversiblele after discontinuation of Depo Provera. Regular exercise and calcium supplements are recommended to control this potential risk. A bone density test may be helpful to assess the bone loss specially if using Depo Provera for more thant 2 years.

Women using Depo Provera have less chance of developing anemia and certain GYN cancers. Use of Depo Provera also reduces the symptoms of endometriosis since most of women on Depo Provera do not have periods or have very infrequent bleeding.It is not unusual to have spotting for the first 3 month from the initial Depo Provera injection.The bleeding usualy resolves after the 2nd shot.

Serious side effects are not common, but may include weight gain, mood alteration, acne, bloating, hair loss, decrease in libido.

Women that desire pregnancy may discontnue Depo Provera anytime.It may take up to one year for some women to become pregnant.depending on the lenght of time that Depo Provera was used.

It is important to discuss all the options for birth control with your clinician since the symptoms related to Depo Povera may last up to 3-6 month after discontinuation of the method.