Pregnancy Termination Counseling

Abortion Counseling

Finding out that you are unexpectedly pregnant can be frightening and devastating news. If the pregnancy was not intended and resulted from an oversight of birth control, unintended sexual activity or a failed birth control method, you have options to end a pregnancy with privacy and dignity in your own home. You need all the information available to make a right decision for you. We will provide privacy, support and respect you deserve. Most clinics have limited resources to qualified counselors and usually do not spend more that 10 minutes with each patient.

Pregnancy Test

The alternative options to an abortion will be provided during counseling session. The Ultrasound will be performed to confirm an intrauterine pregnancy and a gestational age of the fetus or presence of a gestational sac in an early pregnancy. A Vaginal Ultrasound can detect a gestational sac as early as 4 weeks.

A Non Surgical Abortion procedure is most effective and better tolerated when performed before 7 weeks of gestation. The surgical options will be discussed and appropriate appointment will be arranged as soon as possible.